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    23 Patio FR with Side ShelvesFREE left and right side shelves included when purchasing a Free-Standing TEC Patio FR Gas Grill

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    igrill Mini

    FREE i-Grill Mini with Purchase of any Full-Size TEC Infrared Gas Grill.

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    igrill Mini


    FREE i-Grill Mini with Purchase of any Full-Size TEC Infrared Gas Grill.

    **Excludes Cherokee FR and G-Sport FR Models

    **Shipped to customer when Grill is registered



    FR_RotisFREE Rotisserie Kit shipped with purchase of any Sterling II FR, Sterling III FR, Sterling IV FR and G2000FR, G3000FR, G4000FR TEC Infrared Gas Grill Models

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  • How to determine which Gas Valve your Grill has

    How to determine which Gas Valve your TEC Grill has.

    Before purchasing a new Burner or Pilot Gas Valve for your TEC Patio II, Sterling II or Sterling III please reference the following.

    If your grill was manufactured prior to 06/01/1998 it will have gas valves that screw into the gas manifold

    If your grill was manufactured after 06/01/1998 it will have gas valves that are bolted in to the gas manifold.

    The last digit in the grills serial number determine the year your grill was manufactured

    Sometime the serial number is not legible so you will need to locate the valves to determine if they do or do not bolt in to the gas manifold.

    The easiest quickest way to determine if the valve does bolt in to the gas manifold is to do the following

    • Remove the slide out drip pan located under the control knobs
    • Look up in to the space where the drip pan was
    • Located the gas manifold running across the inside front on the grill
    • Located each gas control valve
    • If the valves bolt in to the gas manifold you'll see a bolt head located on the bottom side of the gas manifold directly beneath each gas valve.
    • If the bolt head is present, then the grill has STBCV burner control valves and a STPCV pilot control valve

    Follow photo shows a bolt head on the bottom of the gas manifold looking up into the space where the pull out drip pan was.

    TEC Burner and Pilot STBCV-STPCV Gas Valve





  • Receive an iGrill Mini with Grill Purchase

    We are giving away the most advanced grilling thermometer with every Full-Size Grill purchase.

    When your New TEC Grill is delivered to you, simply fill out the registration card located in the Grills Owners Manual, mail the registration card to the address shown. Your new Free iGrill Mini will be shipped to you promptly.

    igrill MiniKnowing exactly when to take your meat off your TEC grill has never been easier. Just insert the iGrill probe into the meat you'd like to track, let the free app know what you're tracking and leave your iGrill by the side of the grill



    iGrill Phone AppMonitor the Progress. Now you can get back to your guests, go inside and watch the game or work on other dishes. Keep a close watch on the temperature progression of your food right from your smart device and receive an alert once your food is ready to enjoy.


    For more information on the iGrill Mini, visit

    We hope you enjoy your new iGrill Mini and your New TEC Infrared Gas Grill!

    • *Excludes portable Cherokee FR
  • Burger Challenge

    TEC's New Technology vs. TEC's old ceramic Technology

    We get asked a great deal what is the difference in food grilled on the New TEC Technology vs. the TEC's Old Ceramic Technology.

    We have decided to put some different foods to the test!

    We are going to start by showing you some basic foods grilled by just about everyone on a regular basis. Foods you tend to pull out of the fridge after a crazy day at the office, running late getting home and need to throw something on the TEC Grill really quick.

    Let's get started..

    The G-Sport FR, with TEC's new technology, is preheating on High for 10 minutes with the lid "CLOSED" while our 5 oz. ground chuck burger patties are getting up to room temperature (70 degrees)

    The Sterling II, with TEC's old ceramic technology, is also preheating for10 minutes with the lid "OPEN" while our 5 oz. ground chuck burger patties are getting up to room temperature (70 degrees)

    Both grills have been preheated. We throw one burger on the G-Sport and another burger on the Sterling II and let both cook for exactly 3 minutes per side on High fire, with both lids "OPEN"

    The burgers are now medium well... perfect internal temperature of 150 degrees.

    Time for the test. What is the difference in char? What is the difference in the score-marks? And what is the end result of weight of the burgers once grilled to medium well?

    TEC Burgers


    Which burger is the G-Sport and which burger is the Sterling II? I know those long time TEC users out there with the Old Ceramic technology can tell the difference!




    The Sterling II burger (LEFT) had more visual char, the score-marks are close to 1/2" wide and the weight dropped from from 5 oz to 4 oz.

    The G-Sport burger (RIGHT) had very little char, the score-marks are close to 1/8" wide and the weight dropped from 5 oz. to 4 oz.

    So which burger do you prefer?

  • TEC's New Infrared Technology

    TEC's New Infrared Technology100% Infrared Cooking

    TEC manufactures the only grill that cooks with 100% infrared energy. Totally eliminating the hot air associated with grilling. So food retains more of it's own natural essence and comes off the grill with unparalleled juiciness and a distinctive charbroiled flavor. You can literally taste the difference.

    The radiant glass panels below the cooking grates are the secret to TEC's juicy charbroiled flavor. They block rising hot air from the burners, so it never reaches the food to dry it out or ignite food drippings. So you'll rarely have a flare-up on a TEC grill. No flare-ups = no charred food.

    How low can you go? 200 degrees - 250 degrees on a TEC. The patented infrared grilling system offers the highest AND lowest grilling temperatures of any infrared grill available.

    TEC's authentic charbroiled flavor. The radiant glass panel below the grates incinerate food drippings, infusing food with a distinctive outdoor grilled flavor.

    Pour on the sauce! Burners are protected from food drippings, so pour marinades and beer directly on food while cooking. They'll sizzle and steam on the glass and flavor food.

    Even temperature across the grate.  The burners are specially designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface --- no hot spots or cold spots.

  • TEC's Old Ceramic Technology

    TEC's Old Ceramic Infrared Technology

    35% Infrared / 65% Hot Air

    Infrared grills sold by other companies use TEC's old ceramic infrared burners that cook with 35% infrared energy and 65% hot air. Hot air dries out food as it cooks, which causes it to become tough and even shrink. It also causes food drippings to ignite, creating flare-ups that char food. These grills do not heat the cooking grates evenly, and although they cook hot and fast, they cannot turn down to the lower temperatures needed to cook delicate foods or to smoke or barbeque low and slow.

  • Traditional Gas Grills

    Traditional Gas Grills

    0% Infrared / 100% Hot Air

    Traditional gas grills cook with 100% hot air, which robs food of its own natural juices.Food begins to dry out and becomes tough. It even shrinks. The convective burners in these grills cannot reach the searing temperatures of infrared grills. They heat up and cook much slower. They also heat the grates unevenly, producing hot and cold spots across the cooking surface. So you have to know where the sweet spots are to cook with any consistency and frequent flare-ups cause charring of food.

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