TEC's New Infrared Technology

TEC's New Infrared Technology100% Infrared Cooking

TEC manufactures the only grill that cooks with 100% infrared energy. Totally eliminating the hot air associated with grilling. So food retains more of it's own natural essence and comes off the grill with unparalleled juiciness and a distinctive charbroiled flavor. You can literally taste the difference.

The radiant glass panels below the cooking grates are the secret to TEC's juicy charbroiled flavor. They block rising hot air from the burners, so it never reaches the food to dry it out or ignite food drippings. So you'll rarely have a flare-up on a TEC grill. No flare-ups = no charred food.

How low can you go? 200 degrees - 250 degrees on a TEC. The patented infrared grilling system offers the highest AND lowest grilling temperatures of any infrared grill available.

TEC's authentic charbroiled flavor. The radiant glass panel below the grates incinerate food drippings, infusing food with a distinctive outdoor grilled flavor.

Pour on the sauce! Burners are protected from food drippings, so pour marinades and beer directly on food while cooking. They'll sizzle and steam on the glass and flavor food.

Even temperature across the grate.  The burners are specially designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface --- no hot spots or cold spots.

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